Extra Large Ireland Football Bean Bag

Extra Large Ireland Football Bean Bag

Tibetan Bean Bag in Blue

Tibetan Bean Bag in Blue

Big Oinker Black PU Leather Bean Bag Chair

Big Oinker Black PU Leather Bean Bag Chair.

Bean bag manufactured by Happy Pig

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Black PU Leather Bean Bag ChairBig Oinker Black PU Leather Bean Bag Chair

Black PU leather bean bag from Happy Pig bean bags.

Why choose a black bean bag?

A Happy Pig Bean Bag story

It is a misconception that pigs are dirty animals; they are in fact very clean and similar to a dog in intelligence. They will never dirty where they sleep and eat, but one thing they do love on warm days is to roll in mud, which is black, grey and dirty. They do this to bring their body temperature down because they do not sweat. The mud also protects them against bug bites and sunburn. Smokey, sizzle and sausage got particularly dirty and black one day as the sun was very hot and they got very frustrated with the heat. They walked down close to the stream where the clay was particularly soft and they could really have fun getting black all over. When they walked back to the farm Francesca had left the kitchen door open and they decided it was time to investigate. Into the Kitchen they walked and found a big bowl of dog food waiting for them, Sizzle said “this is a great find”. The next thing a very scary cat spat at them from the window seal and Basil the dog came in barking like crazy. They ran very quickly out of the house and back to the their shed. Poor Basil got blamed for the mess and came later that afternoon to give them a dirty harsh look. The earth clay around us is black and without it nothing would grow. We would have no flowers, no trees, no fruit and no mud parties!

Black coloured bean bags represent, secrecy, mystery, power, authority, control, discipline, independence, strength and sophistication.

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