Big Oinker White Chair Bean Bag

Big Oinker White Chair Bean Bag

Big Oinker Orange Bean Bag Chair

Big Oinker Orange Bean Bag Chair

Big Oinker Brown Bean Bag Chair

A large bean bag chair in PU Leather, the Big Oinker is a fantastic well designed chair, you can sleep in it, eat in it, play games in it and study in it.

Bean bag manufactured by Happy Pig

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Brown Big Chair Bean Bag in PU LeatherBig Oinker Brown Bean Bag Chair

The Brown PU Leather Bean Bag Chair from Happy Pig bean bags.

Smokey the Pigs Bean Bag Adventure

The brown tree trunks on the farm were always a fascination to Smokey, it is not in a pig’s nature to climb a tree, but this did not stop Smokey and his brothers and sisters wanting to do this very thing.

Smokey told me that one day he called a meeting in the field to discuss how he could climb a tree. His brothers Sizzle and Sausage said “we could climb on each other’s back and the one on top could hang on to a branch, climb up and sit there and we could do this until everyone had a turn of sitting in the tree”. It sounded like a plan, so it was put into action and Smokey was at the bottom of the pile. Sister Egg was at the top of the pile and was nervously oinking with despair at our plan, but she eventually made it onto the branch. Suddenly we all fell down and Egg was left in the tree with a strange look on her face. Francesca saw us from her window and came with a ladder to rescue Egg, she said “I am sorry to tell you all this as it may come as a shock, but you are not monkeys, you are pigs and pigs do not climb trees”. She laughed and laughed as she got Egg from the branch.

All the pigs laughed too as they had just had a great adventure.

The brown bean bag colour reflects maturity, loyalty, stability, structure, sincerity, honesty, sophistication and elegance.

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