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The humble bean bag has had a resurgence over the last few years. No longer just for student rooms, more and more family homes are investing in bean bags as a relaxing seating option.

However, with the cost of bean bags going up with their popularity, it can be hard to justify the price, and tempting to try to get one for cheaper.

But with cheaper bean bags can come many risks, so here at Outdoor Living, we stock a range of bean bags that keep your bank account in mind without skimping on quality or comfort.

Happy Pig Bean Bags

If you have kids or pets, then you know that your bean bag is sure to get a bit used and abused over its lifetime. From football-boot scuff marks and claw attacks to food and drink spillages, it’s easy to think that a bean bag isn’t worth the effort. Sure it’s just going to get wrecked after a week, isn’t it?

Not if you choose from our range of Happy Pig bean bags. This is our EU-made range crafted from a thick, durable PU leather or polyester, depending on your choice of bean bag.

Both materials are strong enough to withstand almost anything your child can throw at it, including their mucky clothes and sticky hands. And they’re easy to clean as well. All you do is wipe the stain with some soapy water, dry with a towel, and away you go.

All of the materials for our Happy Pig bean bags are sourced and made in the EU. This gives you the peace of mind that they’re fire retardant and safe for your family to enjoy, which is something that not all of the cheaper bean bags on the market can guarantee.

The filling is made here in Ireland from EPS polystyrene beads. These make your bag lightweight, so it’s not difficult to lug around from room to room, yet still strong enough to last years of use. Even the plastic bags we use to wrap the beans in are made in Ireland, so you can be sure you’re getting the best local quality.

Did You Know?

The First Bean Bag was designed by an Italian Furniture company. And it is still sold today. It was classed as the first ‘shapeless chair’ and was named “Sacco”. Created by 3 designers, this timeless classic was originally made from Leather. A very popular material to craft furniture from in 1968.

Happy Pig bean bags come in shapes to suit everyone at a great price.

When you think of an affordable bean bag, does your mind go to a small, sad-looking bag sitting in the corner that no one can actually fit onto? Well, don’t worry, because Happy Pig bean bags come in much more exciting shapes and sizes than the older bean bags you’re used to.

Bean Bag Chairs
The Happy Pig bean bag chair is one of our most popular bean bags, and with a starting price of around €80, you won’t get a better deal on comfort.

The chair-like structure has loads of benefits compared to other shapes. First of all, the wide seat gives you enough space to sit comfortably, while also moulding around your shape as you sink into it, giving you support around the sides.

Secondly, the high back is sturdy enough to give you great neck and back support if you want to sit upright while reading, but flexible enough to let you lean back if you’d rather lounge while watching TV. It’s the perfect place to relax with an achy back after a long day at work.

As an added bonus, the supportive shape of the chair means there’s no more struggling to get up out of a bean bag for ages. You can simply stand up like a regular chair.

Mini Bean Bag Chair
The bean bag chair isn’t just for adults. It also comes in a mini version that’s ideal for younger bean bag lovers. It has all the same benefits of the larger bean bag chair, with the same support and comfort, but in a more child-friendly size. It even has a carry strap so even the youngsters can move it from one room to another with ease.

Starting at around €70, the mini bean bag chair is an excellent price for those short on sofa space who are sick of the kids complaining about Mam and Dad hogging the couch.

Outdoor Bean Bag Chair
The Happy Pig bean bag chair has one more gift to give, and that’s the outdoor version. Constructed from Irish-made, hard-wearing polyester, it's both UV and water-resistant, making it ideal for sitting in the garden or patio.

The material is suitable for use on any outdoor surface like grass, concrete or gravel. So no matter what type of garden you have, you can enjoy the comfort of a bean bag.

Fatboy Bean Bags

As well as Happy Pig, we stock Fatboy bean bags. Starting at around €70, the Fatboy Lamzac range is ideal for anyone looking for an affordable but great quality bean bag.

Made from ripstop nylon, they’re durable and won’t tear easily, making them great for kids to play on. And while they’re called bean bags, they’re actually filled with air, which makes them easy to inflate and deflate. You simply glide through the air until it’s full, then tie it up.

One of the best things about the Fatboy Lamzac range is its versatility. When deflated, it fits into a small carry bag, so it’s ideal for using outdoors when travelling. Fill it up on the beach for a handy lounger, or bring it camping as a simple bed.

A good quality bean bag is an affordable investment in your family’s comfort. With all of our bean bags available in an array of colours from bright reds and blues to more neutral greys and blacks, you’re sure to find the perfect bean bag for your home at the right price.