The Road to Sam - Choose Your County Colours!

The Road To Sam Choose Your County Colours

The road to the Sam Maguire is fast coming to a close with the finals drawing nearer and the clock to tip off daunting.

It's the Boys in Blue verses the Kingdom.

Two great teams will make their way to Croke Park and give what is sure to be an exciting game come September 1st.

With the likes of Stephan Cluxton and James McCarthy leading the Dubs we're sure to see some amazing game plays. Yet Kerry man David Clifford won't be making things so easy sticking close to their heels. Victory won't come easy but with a bit of skill and a whole lot of luck we could see the Boys in Blue making history with a five-in-a-row win the likes no one has seen.

With all the excitement building towards the football final, we here at are unpacking all our county colours, flags raised and flapping from the windows.

Fan expectations are high and in perfect taste for the finals to come our county coloured beanbags are the ultimate way to enjoy the game on the telly with friends and family. Any fan of the sport would be gutted to have missed out on tickets but all is not lost, the best games can sometimes be spent with a nice cool drink in hand decked out in the soft plush of a comfy beanbag.

What would make said beanbag even better? Them being your county colours!

Join us in our support and excitement with our exclusive range of county coloured beanbags perfect for supporting your home county and ready to be shipped nation wide.