Tibetan Bean Bag in Purple

Tibetan Bean Bag in Purple

Tibetan Bean Bag Chair in Lime

Tibetan Bean Bag Chair in Lime

Tibetan Bean Bag in Taupe

Big Oinker Taupe Bean Bag Chair.

  • Height: 140 cm
  • Base: 100 cm
  • Filling: 500 l
  • Material: PU leather

Bean bag manufactured by Happy Pig

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Taupe Leather Effect Bean Bag

If your a gaming enthusiast or a movie buff, the big Oinker is a sociable bean bag for 2 people.

Taupe Oinker bean bag poem

Smokey said that Tomato and Egg would love the buttercups in summer and would run through the fields of taupe oinking and having fun. Smokey would pick them with his mouth and lay a circle on the ground and Egg and Tomato would get into the middle and would not be able to come out, unless they got the questions right he was asking. One day he made it harder for them and said they had to make a poem up about buttercups before they could come out from the circle.

Buttercup so yellow
Buttercup so nice
God knew what he was creating when he thought of you one night
Your petals so delicate and the happy smile they make
You are the perfect flower on this glorious sunny day

The colour taupe reflects knowledge, cheerfulness, fun, enthusiasm and clarity.

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