Tibetan Sako Taupe

The largest beanbag in our range! Due to the unique design of the Tibetan Sako (it is taller than it is wide), it has a smaller footprint without compromising on comfort. The Tibetan Sako is perfect for those who want a big bag in a small space.

Can be used upright as an arm chair – or for the ultimate in relaxation you can put it on its side to create a huge lounger for one or to persons.

In stock


Height: 100 cm

Width: 140 cm


PU Leather


EPS Polystyrene Beans


Water and dirt repellent


500 l


10 kg

Dimensions packaging:

90 x 90 x 110 cm

Washing instructions:

Lukewarm water and soap

Meet the large Tibetan Sako beanbag in all its glory! This beanbag is a premium extra large bean bag! Coming in at a 140cm in height and a whopping 100cm in width. The Tibetan beanbag is made using a luxurious PU leather that is extremely easy to clean down and comes in a huge range of colours.

Our Tibetan beanbag fills a total of 500 litres also making is spacious and comfortable. Once you sit in our Tibetan beanbag you won’t want to get up, as it has been designed with luxury and comfortable in mind.

The Tibetan Sako beanbag can be sat on in multiple positions also, if you want to lounge you can - by simply laying the Sako on its side, if you want to use it as a normal chair you can - just leave it sitting upright or leaning back at a slight angle. As it is so lightweight and easily portable, it can be used all around the house.

When you buy a Tibetan beanbag you’re not just buying the bag, you’re buying the countless hours we have spent designing and perfecting our biggest and best bag and you are buying the security that comes with knowing that you are buying Irish.

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