Fengjing Kids Bean Bag Blue Chair

Fengjing Kids Bean Bag Blue Chair

Fengjing Kids Bean Bag Red Chair

Fengjing kids bean bag red chair.
  • Height: 75 cm
  • Width: 50 cm
  • Base: 65 cm
  • Filling: 130 l
  • Material: Pu Leather

Bean bag manufactured by Happy Pig

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kids chair bean bagFengjing Kids Bean Bag Red Chair

It was a rainy day in winter and Granny decided to light a roaring fire for me to sit beside. She said she would love to go back in time, when she was young and had her first meeting again with her beloved Paddy. Paddy was her husband, who died ten years ago and she still missed him. Sophie got excited and said to her Granny, that her chair had magical powers and would take her back in time if she sat on it. Granny sat on the chair and she complimented its beautiful vibrant red colour and how comfortable it was. I said Granny, close your eyes and say,” Red Chair take me back to my first meeting with Paddy outside Bewley’s Coffee Shop in Grafton Street” and the next minute Granny and the red chair disappeared. I sat on the carpet in the sitting room and waited for her to return and I must have fallen asleep, as when I awoke; Granny was on the Red Chair beside me looking very content and happy. I ran to her and hugged her and said “wake up Granny and tell me, what happened”. Granny awoke and smiled such a wonderful big smile and said “I got my wish little one and it was all down to you and your magical Red Chair”.