Happy Pig Chair Bean Bag in Black

Happy Pig Chair Bean Bag in Taupe

Happy Pig Chair Bean Bag in  Blue

Happy Pig Chair Bean Bag in Dark Blue

Happy Pig Chair Bean Bag in Grass Green

Happy Pig chair bean bag in grass green.

  • Length: 95cm
  • Width: 100cm
  • Height: 81cm
  • Material: PU Leather

Bean bag manufactured by Happy Pig

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Happy Pig Chair Bean Bag in Grass Green

The neighbouring farm close to us keeps Gloucestershire Old Spots; they are white with black spots and are known for their intelligence. They are an English breed of pig and are rather large.  My mum told me that they have to have at least one spot on their body to be accepted onto the registry, as a true Gloucestershire Old spot.  Sounds like a lot of pressure to me, so I am glad that I am just a regular Irish Tamworth pig.  Mum said they think their royal, as the Prince of Wales and the Princess Royal keep them on their estates in Gloucester, she then added that they are not better than us, because they are cross breed with Tamworth pigs sometimes. One day the Gloucestershire Old Spots came to our farm for a visit, there were 5 of them, Gloucester, Royal, Beatrice, Harry and Edward. Mr Hogwash thought it was nice for us to be friends and he planned for us all to go on a berry picking afternoon. Rosanna, Mr Hogwash’s wife brought baskets out of the house for us to carry in our mouths and off we went with our noses in the air, trying to look as good as the visitors.  We ate more berries than went into the basket and being a pig, this was berry pig heaven for me. grass green berries have been a firm favourite of mine since that afternoon and that is why I came up with the grass green Bean Bag colour.