Happy Pig Mini Chair Blue

The “mini” version of our flagship chair is the ideal choice for younger bean bag fans. Not quite as large as the Happy Pig Chair but easily as comfortable, the Mini is a great choice for those tight on space or those with younger children. Also features a handy carry strap for ease of moving from room to room.

Suitable for indoor use only. Suitable for around ages 3 – 12 years.



Height: 76 cm

Width: 50 cm

Base: 65 cm

Seat Height: 30 cm


PU Leather


EPS Polystyrene Beans


Water and dirt repellent


130 l


4 kg

Dimensions packaging:

70 x 50 x 50 cm

Washing instructions:

Lukewarm water and soap

The Happy Pig Mini chair is the chair to get for younger kids from 3 – 10 years old.  We offer our beanbags in many different colours to suite everything from funky decorations to modern contemporary design!

Each chair is made in the EU and passes all regulation and safety needs.  Our Happy Pig mini chairs come in PU leather and we only use the finest and most durable PU leather available in the construction in our happy pig beanbags. PU leather is an easy to clean material it is a very durable material also which is also easy to wipe down and keep clean.

The shape of the beanbag is designed in such a way to induce comfort and relaxation for the user, the base has a deep well enabling the user to sink down, allowing the beanbag to mould around a person, giving a unique shape for every individual who sits in it.

The chair is designed in a triangular shape that has a wide base being 75 centimetres in width giving plenty of room to lounge all day long, the chair is a total of 75 centimetres in height giving enough room to give excellent neck support and lumber support throughout the entire beanbag.

The Happy Pig mini has a unique easy carry bag handle just on the back of the bag, giving you the ability to easily carry the beanbag from room to room.

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