Tibetan Bean Bag Chair in Black

Tibetan Bean Bag Chair in Black

Tibetan Bean Bag Chair in Orange

Large Tibetan bean bag chair in orange.
  • Height: 140 cm
  • Base: 100 cm
  • Filling: 500 l
  • Material: PU leather

Bean bag manufactured by Happy Pig

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Large Tibetan Bean Bag in Orange

Sally came down on Christmas morning before anyone else and decided to open her presents under the Christmas tree. She saw this big huge box and decided to open this one first, as it was from her Aunt Rosie..  Of course Aunt Rosie put layers of wrapping on it and tons of sellotape, Sally had to get a knife from the kitchen because it was so difficult to get the wrapping off.

Eventually she reached her present, a big orange chair, which was a wonderful shade of orange, almost fizzy. Sally thought to herself, Aunt Rosie has excelled herself this year, as she wouldn’t normally buy a great gift. It would normally be socks, soap or deodorant and that was on a good day.  Sally fell into her chair and thought how comfortable it was and shouted to herself “Thanks Aunt Rosie”.

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