Mini B Yellow Kids Bean Bag - BeanBag Crazy

Mini B Yellow Kids Bean Bag - BeanBag Crazy

Mini B Red Bean Bag - Beanbag Crazy

Mini b red kids bean bag in PU leather.
  • Height: 74cm
  • Width: 74cm
  • Length: 71cm
  • Weight: 3.0kg
  • Material: PU Leather Fabric
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Mini B Red Bean Bag - Beanbag CrazyMini B Red Bean Bag - Beanbag CrazyKids Red Bean Bag Chairs

Christmas is coming and red is on our minds
No Christmas would be complete without this colour in our sights
So hopefully mum and dad will buy me a Mini B
And having it sitting all wrapped under the Christmas tree
Of course it will be red and just for me
With a big white ribbon for everyone to see
Lucky me, lucky me, as you know, I always wanted a Mini B

There is nothing like a wonderful red colour at Christmas to brighten a room and especially when it is something you can benefit from like a lovely comfortable chair. This Mini B is a bean bag designed for children in PU fabric for durability, easy cleaning and softness. It will benefit children up to the age of seven years and after that the Mighty B PU is advised. It is a wonderful piece of furniture and watching TV and reading will never feel so good.

In line with Government Legislation all fillings and fabrics comply with the Furniture and Furnishing Fire and Safety Regulations 1988.

Dimensions: W 74 cm x H 74 x L 71 cm

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