Angry Birds Blue Birds

Angry Birds Blue Birds

Angry Birds Red Bird - Terence

Red bird seats.
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Angry Birds Red Bird - Terence

Every leader needs a kings chair, and Red is no exception. This creative beanbag chair design is perfect for your child as it possesses the important attributes of being durable, comfortable and safe. Red always needs to keep his possessions in the best condition possible, he spends alot of time waxing the slingshot and making sure the band is perfectly elasticated. Keeping possessions clean are important to Red and  because the Reds King Chair is made from polyester it is very easy for you to keep this clean too. is the exclusive stockists of the Angry Bird Beanbags range in Ireland. Reds King Chair comes in a vibrant yellow with expertly finished black stitching. There is also a portrait of Red looking over your shoulder keeping a watchful eye. This fantastic Angry Birds beanbag is sure to brighten up any living space or play area.



  • Base:  65cm
  • Height:  75cm
  • Filling:  130L