The Big Hog Bean Bag Chair in Orange

The Big Hog Bean Bag Chair in Orange

The Big Hog Bean Bag Chair in Black

The Big Hog Bean Bag Chair in Black

The Big Hog Bean Bag Chair in Brown

The big hog bean bag chair in brown.

  • Height: 70 cm
  • Base: 140 cm
  • Filling: 570 l
  • Material: PU leather

Bean bag manufactured by Happy Pig

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Big Hog Bean Bag Chair in Brown

Get the Big Hog bean bag in your living room, its probably the biggest traditional styled bean bag produced in Ireland.

Herman lived on Rainbow Farm he was a solid big hog and respected by all the other pigs on the farm. Herman was always positive, energetic and full of life. He would always stop and talk to everyone and help them with advice. Everyone from the farm was always going to Herman with any problems they had and he was always full of ideas of how to help them. Herman did not like the autumn time which was coming soon as he became less sociable, quiet and a little sad.  The other hogs and pigs would wonder on the farm why this happened to him in the winter but just accepted that this was a part of Herman’s personality.

One of the chilly evenings, when Herman was strolling through the nearby forest, his friend Rodger caught up with him and asked “What’s in your head my friend and why are you so unhappy every winter”? Herman looked at his friend and said “It’s nothing Rodger; it’s just all the colours of the forest disappear for a few months and that is what makes me unhappy. I miss all the wonderful colours of nature”. Herman was always so happy because of all the wonderful colours that nature had to offer. It made him happy, alive and full of energy. That day Rodger and Herman went for long walk and Rodger was trying to make Herman feel better, but it didn’t work.

In the evening, when they came back to Rainbow Farm, Herman headed straight to bed and Rodger met with all his friends and told them why Herman is getting so low during the winter. All the pigs and hogs decided to do something about it, as it was common, that on the farm everyone helps each other. They decided to do something to bring happiness and colour back in Herman’s hart so that he would be happy all year around.  One of the little pigs said “but what can we do, Rodger you are Herman’s best friend you decide?” The following week nothing really changed in Herman’s mood, but Rodger never stopped thinking of how to make his friend happy. Nothing helped even though Rodger was spending every free time he had with Herman trying to prove that autumn and winter time is magical and it has lots of colours to offer.

One day when Herman and Rodger were walking beside the great oak tree Rodger reminded Herman of how this tree was so good to him. It offered him shelter during bad days and shade on sunny days. Today despite cold weather the sun was shining through the crown of the tree tops, causing shades around the ground. They both looked at the shades and Herman’s face lit up with a big smile.  Herman said “look Rodger how nice it looks when all the leaves change colours before they fall down for winter such wonderful shades of brown, orange and green. That evening all the pigs and hogs presented Herman with a wonderful comfortable orange and brown pillow to help him remember that winter is still colourful, but different shades of colours. This orange and brown pillow will remind him of how much they all love him and how wonderful colours of autumn can be fun. Herman said that there was more happiness and colour in his heart knowing what wonderful and colourful friends he had.