The Big Hog Bean Bag Chair in Grass Green

The Big Hog Bean Bag Chair in Grass Green

The Big Hog Bean Bag Chair in Red

The big hog bean bag chair in red.
  • Height: 70 cm
  • Base: 140 cm
  • Filling: 570 l
  • Material: PU leather

Bean bag manufactured by Happy Pig

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The Big Hog Bean Bag Chair in Red

Rodger the Hog was living on Rainbow Farm amongst all the pigs and hogs from all around the world. He had traveled there from France a very long time ago. He loved nature and he would spend hours strolling around fields and forests surrounding the farm watching whatever came his way. He would stop and look at everything new and interesting and believe me, you always find something interesting and beautiful in nature if you just look around. Even though he would always take different routes, there was always one place he would end up and this was his favourite place. It was the big opening into the forest, which had beautiful pine trees everywhere and in the middle as far as you could see, were the most wonderful array of red berry bushes. Rodger would lie down and munch on these red berries and stare at the sky and think how lucky he was and how tasty the world is.

Rodger visited the red berry bushes so often his body started to turn a red berry colour! When Rodger returned home from one of his walks, all the pigs were staring at him and mumbling to each other. Rodger asked them what was wrong and he could see the surprised look on their faces. Herman came forward and asked him when was the last time he had looked at his reflection in the water. Rodger asked why, with a curious look on his face and Herman said because you are the colour of red berry juice. Rodger ran to the river and looked at his reflection and the others followed him. Herman said “see I told you, red berry juice, we will have to call you Red Berry instead of Rodger” and everyone laughed. Rodger told them where he had been going to eat the red berries and brought them along to show them.

They were so excited to see all the red berry bushes and started to munch away including Rodger. Herman said to Rodger “it was wrong of you not to share the red berries with us and keep them all for yourself, but you did the right thing in the end”. Rodger who is now called Red Berry sometime said “it was my secret place and I wanted to keep it for myself, but I have decided now that it is much more fun to share”.