The Hampshire Pillow Bean Bag in Emotion Fabric

The Hampshire Pillow Bean Bag in Emotion Fabric

The Hampshire Pillow Bean Bag in ABC Fabric

The Hampshire pillow bean bag in abc fabric.

  • Height: 170 cm
  • Width: 135 cm
  • Filling: 400 l
  • Material: Cotton

Bean bag manufactured by Happy Pig

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Hampshire Pillow Bean Bag in ABC FabricThe Hampshire Pillow Bean Bag in ABC Fabric

This flat bean bag can be used as a pillow, chair or bed. It comes in Cotton material and is extremely flexible and comfy. It is so soft on your skin and its lovely different mix of colours in an ABC pattern is a wonderful design. It has a high quality filling and is double zipped so no filling will get the chance to poor out. It is eye catching and a big seller with grown up and children. It will never be idle as someone in your house will always want to be sitting on it.

Francesca owned a beauty Salon in Delgany and had just taken over the premises six weeks ago. Her Whole emphasis was on a relaxation theme throughout the shop, so when people came in they immediately got a feeling of calmness and tranquility. She had wonderful smelling candles, hanging chimes and pictures on the walls of nature scenes. She would also have tapes of tranquil music with earth noises, such as running water, birds singing and wind sounds. Instead of chairs in her waiting room, she bought some Hampshire Pillow ABC Bean bags, so that when customers came into the shop, they immediately got the sense that this was the place to chill out and be pampered.

The beauty salon was for men and women and one day a man came in for a facial. His name was Mr O’Gorman and he ran a very large Financial Centre. His high powered position meant he was always stressed and so needed to do things to keep himself calm and focused. He sat on the comfy large bean bag and waited for Francesca to finish with her client. As he sat there, he looked at the wonderful design on the bean bag material and thought even when I am not at work I am surrounded by numbers and letters! As he sat there listening to the music and listening to the chimes he fell into a deep sleep. He dreamed that he was being awarded for coming up with the best logo for his Financial Centre and that it was placed on bill boards throughout Dublin with flashing lights to make the words stand out. It was very like the bean bag he was sitting on, but with Euro signs, Stirling signs and Dollar Signs. It had the companies name on it and small little rainbows for wishing.

When Francesca woke him up she said “I think you relaxed too much Mr O’Gorman” as she laughed. He told her of his dream and said it is only when your relaxed and happy that your creative side will appear. Francesca agreed with him and said that is why so many people come to me, as it is very important to nurture yourself, to let yourself truly become the person you are meant to be and not what other people expect you to be. Mr O’Gorman said “even when you are relaxing and enjoying yourself you can be productive” and that would be his new slogan for work.