Tibetan Bean Bag Chair in Pink

Tibetan Bean Bag Chair in Pink

Big Tibetan Bean Bag in Blue Leather Effect

Big Tibetan Bean Bag in Blue Leather Effect

Tibetan Bean Bag Chair in Brown

The Tibetan is a large bean bag in brown PU Leather.

  • Height: 140 cm
  • Base: 100 cm
  • Filling: 500 l
  • Material: PU leather

Bean bag manufactured by Happy Pig

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Tibetan Bean Bag Chair in Brown

Falling in Love with a Tibetan Bean Bag,

A shorty story from Happy Pig Bean Bags.

Nigel my friend was very fussy. He lived in a mansion in Chelsea and was a fashion designer. He asked me one day to help him as he wanted to buy a comfortable bean bag chair for his TV room but did not have the time. He gave me a cheque and asked me to take care of it for him. I looked everywhere for something nice and cosy for him and couldn’t find anything. I saw something then in a little shop off the main street, a wonderful brown Tibetan bean bag. I wrote the cheque and off I went as pleased as punch to Nigel’s place. I had my own key so let myself in and set up the brown bean bag in the TV room for him.

That night my phone rang and Nigel was on the other end saying he did not like the chair I had bought. I asked him if he had actually sat on it. He said he hadn’t and I said while I am driving over to you, sit in it and see how you feel then. When I got to his place I rang the bell and there was no answer so I used my key. When I got into the TV room there was Nigel sound asleep in his Tibetan chair. Nigel I shouted and he woke up in amazement. He said that he had sat down for a second and fell asleep because the chair was so comfortable and cosy.  

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