Fengjing Kids White Bean Bag Chair

Fengjing Kids White Bean Bag Chair

Tokyo-X Kids Bean Bag Chair in Purple

Tokyo-X Kids Bean Bag Chair in Purple

Tokyo-X Kids Bean Bag Chair in Lime

Tokyo-x kids bean bag chair in lime.

  • Height: 75 cm
  • Width: 50 cm
  • Base: 65 cm
  • Filling: 130 l
  • Material: Modern + nylon

Bean bag manufactured by Happy Pig

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Tokyo-X Kids Bean Bag Chair in Lime

This Lime Green PU, Cotton fabric bean bag is so comfortable that kids will be giving you hours of peace while they sit in it and watch TV or read their favourite book. It has a straight back and will support your head and shoulders while sitting on a very snug, cosy chair. Its vibrant colour is loved by children and being multi-coloured blends in with most decors. Come and take a look today at this lovely chair from the Happy Pig range, as you will not be disappointed.

This is a story about the Lime Green PU- you can read this while sitting on your chair!

On our road, there is a house which is large and so well kept with manicured lawns, trees and flowers. Whenever I go past on my bike, there is always someone there fixing something or sweeping up. Mum calls it ‘a rose among thorns’ and the man that owns it is very sensible looking and dresses in a suit every day.

One day when I was on my bike, a courier arrived and took a large box from his van. Mr Hardneck came out of his house and said that he was waiting for him all day, as he couldn’t wait to see it. The courier man drove off, throwing his eyes up to heaven before he got into his truck. Mr Hardneck opened the box, and there was a lime green bean bag chair with multicolour material. I hid behind the tree so he couldn’t see me and I was thinking to myself, that didn’t seem like a chair he would like. His front door then opened, and a young girl came running out shouting ‘Daddy’ and jumped on the new seat. I didn’t know Mr Hardneck was married or had kids I thought. When I got home, I told my mum, and she said: “yes he has a wife and child, but they live abroad sometimes”.

The next day when I was going past Mr Hardneck’s house, his daughter asked me in to play with her. Her name was Emily, and she was so pretty with bright blue eyes and blonde hair. I never thought I would ever get to be in the nicest house on the road, and then Emily asked me to come and see her new Chair. Emily said that in the writing on the chair was a hidden word and if anyone found it, the chair would grant them a wish. I looked at the letters and numbers on the chair for ages and could not see anything. Emily made me some lunch and then they went back to her bedroom to play a computer game. I looked at the chair again and said 'I have found the hidden word, Emily'. We both jumped up and down with excitement holding hands. Emily said, “what will you wish for”? And I replied that I wanted my house to become as pretty and well-kept as her dad’s, but that no one would notice the change and think it had always looked like that. When I got home that evening, I could believe my eyes as my house was gobsmackingly beautiful and my whole family just thought it was always like that. I ran back to Emily and thanked her for the wonderful wish, and she kissed me and said: “this will always be our special chair now Bobby”.