5 Cubic Foot (150 litres) Polystyrene Bean Bag Refills

5 cubic foot polystyrene bean bag refills. Get your Irish made polystyrene beans, that not only meet British standards but meet the required standards in Ireland because our bean bag pallets are made in Ireland.
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The 5 cubic foot bag of polystyrene is ideal for refills for bean bags, it can fill most small bean bags completely, if your bean bag is categorised as large, we recommend to purchase the 10 cubic foot bags of polystyrene. All our beads are Irish made and made to the highest European standards. Irish Polystyrene is considered to be the highest grade for bean bags and that's why we have selected it for all our bean bags produced in Ireland. Get yours today!

Perfect for filling home-made bean bags, as well as filling small toys and teddy bears. Our poly filling is also a great way to insulate small spaces.