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Returns and Refunds Policy

We at Outdoor Living want to ensure our customers journey with us is the best it can be. As such, we want to make sure that all aspects of this journey are taken seriously and given as much attention as every other part of it.

So, when it comes to Returns or Issues with items, we want to try and resolve these in the quickest time frame possible with minimal disruption to our customer.

We ask our customers to follow the following guidelines when in receipt of their orders:

  1. Upon delivery, check the packaging – does it look intact, are there any marks or damage to the package?
  2. Check the “Description” on packaging. Is it addressed to you, is there anything that you are not happy or unsure about?
  3. If delivered by an independent courier like Securispeed, Penrose, BJ Transport or any other courier used by Outdoor Living, please inform the driver at this point of any concerns. The driver can bring the items back and we can organise a replacement with our Warehouse and our Logistics Dept. will get the replacement(s) organised as soon as possible. We ask the customer to let us know directly about the issue by calling us on 018018000 or email at [email protected] .
  4. DPD – if you are at home when your package arrives, ensure you are happy with the condition of the package. If you are not happy with it, please refuse the package and again, contact us either by phone on 018018000 or email at [email protected] making us aware of the issues.
  5. An Post – if the package arrives when you are home, please again, check the parcel before accepting it. At this stage you can refuse the package if you are not happy with it. The package will return to sender. Please contact us on 018018000 or email us at [email protected] making us aware of the issue.
  6. If you refuse to accept a delivery, please contact us to make us aware of the issue as soon as possible – this will not impact any of your Statutory Rights.

    All our Policies are in accordance with current EU legislation and in no way impact on your Statutory Rights.

    If you are not happy with any aspect of our Policies and wish to dispute a decision, please make contact with the CCPC via this link HERE