Beanbags for Schools

By  Sarah Best  |  7 October 2022
Children writing while sitting on beanbags in library

This is the easiest way to make kids fall in love with the classroom!

Gone are the days of hard uncomfortable school chairs. Now your child can sit in comfort as bean bag chairs have become increasingly popular in the classroom.

Originally hitting the scene in the late 60’s, bean bag chairs have found a new home transforming the learning environment. The recent uptake in bean bag chairs for classrooms has been incredibly beneficial for children and their learning.

So, why do bean bags belong in the classroom?

While maybe not a first thought for school furniture, bean bags for the classroom have tonnes of advantages.

Bean bags for schools are incredibly versatile. Whether you want to create a reading corner or have circle time with the whole class, bean bag chairs are easy to move around the classroom. The assortment of colours and sizes allows you to find a bean bag suited for any classroom and their durable material wipes clean, so no need to worry about sticky fingers.

On top of that, bean bags for the classroom have shown to enhance the learning environment. Findings from Eden Learning Spaces suggest bean bag chairs for the classroom as a way to improve children’s posture and encourage reading. Bean bag chairs provide comfortable spaces for children to relax and focus on their reading, and in turn, improve literacy levels.

It's also been seen that flexible seating in schools allow children to better engage and participate in classroom activities. Being uncomfortable can cause difficulties focusing, and often makes for fidgety kids. So, bean bags for schools make perfect sense.

Sitting on outdoor beanbag in the sun

At, we’ve taken the time to design the best quality bean bag chairs perfect for any classroom.

Not only are the fun choice of colours adored by kids, but their air vent feature allows the bean bag to mould perfectly to your body, providing the height of comfort. bean bags are made from a fully weather resistant material, so no need to worry about any accidental spills. Plus, they’re perfect for bringing class outside on a nice day.

With a range of designs to choose from including the Zoob, Snug, Classic, Floor Cushion, Footstool and Pyramid beanbag, every child’s comfort needs can be suited. We are an Irish business so each one of our bean bags are filled with Irish beads and feature our Outdoor Living branded label. They also have a UV layer, protecting them from fading in the sun, and are fully fire rated.

And if you need any more persuasion, our beanbags have been featured on RTE’s The Late Late Toy Show, so you’re guaranteed a child’s seal of approval.

Child writing while sitting on beanbag in library